Market Street Café


Fun and Games at Market Street Café

Spicing up our food with a little entertainment

Our cookin' is good, but we know it can't always fill that fun-size hole in your heart. That's why we offer a variety of fun! Don't leave too quickly, you might miss something interesting!

Shuffleboard League Night

The Cecil and Harford County shuffleboard league hits the court on Tuesdays through March 3, 2016. After the dust settles and the pucks come to rest, one team will emerge victorious. Who will it be?

Want some good, old-fashioned fun to go with your meal?

Pull up a chair at Market Street Café

We want your experience to be as entertaining as it is tasty. Come join us for good food, good fun, and an all-around great time! 

Market Street Café is a proud sponsor of Cecil County Special Olympics, and has been serving the community since 1983.